We are a group of individuals who are connected in our “Pride of Ownership in Livingston Parish”. We have chosen to make our homes and raise our families here. We believe that Livingston Parish is best described as a community, not a city, and this sense of community is one of our greatest treasures. We understand that to some, our desire to insure these core community values may indicate that we are not open to change or progress, that is not the case. As “Neighbors” we pledge to bring to the forefront important and relevant issues. We promise to research these issues and objectively evaluate the positive and negative effects of each, before making the decision to endorse or oppose. We desire to be a relevant and driving force in the future of Livingston Parish.

In this day and time of busy schedules and overwhelming commitments our energies are stretched. Many have become apathetic to important issues that affect their community and have chosen to step aside, and let others make important decisions about the future of their community. NEIGHBORS IN ACTION! will be successful when all of our neighbors refuse to step aside. Ultimately, each neighbor will make the decision to take back their ownership and join us in leading Livingston Parish into a future filled with positive opportunities.