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Why NIA is considering the incorporation of Watson

Recent census reports show that Watson, an unincorporated area, has become the fastest growing community in Livingston Parish. This rapid growth has highlighted situations that are now threatening the historic values and culture of the community. A grassroots community group of volunteers, Neighbors in Action (NIA), is taking a leadership role in researching the possibility of incorporating Watson as a city. One requirement for an area to consider incorporation as a city is for the population to be 5,000 or more inhabitants. Latest census information shows that the Watson area represents over 20,000 citizens.

After carefully researching the initial concerns and then bringing important issues to the attention of the citizens, NIA believes that incorporating Watson is certainly a relevant and timely issue for the people in the Watson area to begin considering. When all of the facts have been gathered, community meetings will be scheduled so that all information may be discussed in open forum. An overview of the incorporation guidelines provided by the Lawrason Act, defining the incorporation process, shows that there is much work yet to be done before the City of Watson becomes a reality. Please contactwww.neighborsnaction.comoremailyour willingness to help move this project forward.

Click Here For The Louisiana Statute (The Lawrason Act) That Allows Communities To Incorporate.

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